YSENMED Vet Portable Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

  • High quality SUS304 stainless steel with 0CR18NI9TI
  • Over-pressure auto-discharging at 0.145-0.165Mpa
  • Highest working temperature: 126C – 129C
  • Dual scale numerical pressure gauge indicates temperature and pressure.
  • Dimension of sterilizing chamber: dia280*h243/383mm
  • Timer range: 0-60min


This equipment uses industrial steam to heat pure water to produce pure steam. It is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical and food industries to provide high quality steam for high quality sterilization.
It meets the requirements of steam quality and can effectively prevent yellow pack and wet bag problem caused by poor steam quality.

Product Features

  • The machine adopts stable shell-and-tube heat exchanger structure.
  • The flow-through parts are made of 316L material to ensure the cleanliness of the steam production environment.
  • The main body of the equipment adopts a tubular heat exchanger, which is simple in structure, safe and reliable.
  • The industrial steam pipeline is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. The pure steam pipe is made of 316L stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness of steam transportation.
  • The main control parts and valve parts are all imported brands, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the equipment.
  • The main body of the equipment adopts internal and external double insulation, and the surface temperature does not exceed 40℃, which reduces the applicable unit air conditioning load.Siemens control system
  •  Intelligent dual pressure control
    Both industrial steam and pure steam pressure control use pressure transmitters to ensure the accuracy of steam pressure to the greatest extent.
  • Main controller
    The controller adopts Siemens CPU SR20 programmable controller, supports industrial Ethernet, can be remotely operated and maintained through the Internet, and can work safely and reliably in the harsh industrial environment with a computing speed of 0.15us/instruction.
  •  Touch screen
    Adopt Siemens TP900 64K true color touch screen, with main memory, user memory, support for data reading of U disk, SD memory card and other mobile storage devices, dynamic display of workflow and working parameters greatly reducing the operator. The labor intensity makes the whole steam production process more intuitive.
  • Control process
    The PID algorithm is used to adjust the speed of the water injection pump through the frequency converter to accurately control the water inflow of the raw material water.


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