YSENMED 12L Class B Bench- top autoclave sterilizer

  • It adopts European B standard with 3-time pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying.
  • Residual humidity is less than 0.2%
  • Volume:  12L/18L/ 23L
  • Voltage & Power:  220V, 1400W / 1SOOW / 1700W



  • The accessories of Sterilization include: Sterilization Chamber, Door unit, Insulation unit, Pipe system, Safety valve, Control system, Storage tanks, waste water tank, Steam generator and so on.
  • 3 time pulsating vacuum make less residual air in chamber to Ensure better sterilization effect.
  • LCD screen show all sterilization data, which ensure better control of the sterilization process.
  • Safety valve installed in sterilizer, when pressure beyond 0.27Mpa. The balance pressure can be released by safety valve to ensure the operate safety.
  • The instrument have self-protect feature. When water tank or drainage water tank
    is full, the sterilization will complete pending sterilization in case the
    implementation of sterilization procedures , But the machine can not start to next operation unless add water or drainage. There will be buzzer to remind users to add water or drainage
  • This product can be applied in the tooth device, operation device, Sanitary
  • Material and other heat-resisting articles existing in the Dept. of Stomatology,
  • Ophthalmology  Surgery and lab.


  • Sterilizing process: Once get in distilled watered. It has the advantage of rapid circle, easily operation, computer control, needn’t watch for, convenient using.
  • Setting ability: sterilization temperature range is 105~134℃, timer range is 1~99min.
  • Max. temperature: sterilizing temperature is 134℃which is suitable for 4-6 min. rapid sterilization.
  • Equipped with interior circulate system. Don’t discharge vapor to outside.
  • Sterilizing plate with meshes and cover. After sterilization, it can be closed for using to prevent the second times pollution of sterilizered goods.
  • Equipped with over-temperature and over-pressure protection advice.
  • Equipped with advice that can discharge cold air automatically from disinfection chamber in order to ensure sterilization completely.
  • The door of disinfection chamber equipped with shell to protect operators.
  • The sterilizers are made of stainless steel and wear well.
  • With drying function.


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