Wall Mounted Veterinary Diagnostic Set

  • Ophthalmoscope 1pc.
  • Otoscope 1pc.
  • ENT inspector 1pc.
  • Thermometer 1 pc.
  • NIBP 1 pc.
  • NIBP 1 pc.


  • ENT devices are with battery inside, they can break out for daily clinical rounds. Station is with a fast charger inside, 2hours changed can be used 7days.
  • The ophthalmoscope and otoscope are made in Germany and the handles are with patent design, which can be adjusted the light on the handle by one hand operated.

Direct Ophthalmoscope

  • 29 types of diopters from- 35D to +40D
  • 3 Filters and 7 apertures
  • Noninvasive examination diabetes, can also check the cornea, hyperopia, and eye tumor and so on
  • ENT Inspector
  • Invention Patent
  • Utility Model Patent
  • Special locker for loading and unloading the tongue depressor
  • Wood and PC disposable depressor
  • Otoscope
  • Magnifying glass can enlarge 5x
  • 360° circular fiber or LED/Xenon bulb lighting system
  • Lens has a spin lock design, casing loading and unloading is simple, safety used
  • Three sizes disposable ear specular
  • Ear Thermometer
  • One touch: fast and accurate result within seconds
  • Three color backlight provides fever indicator and over-range warning
  • Memory capacity up to 10 results
  • Automatic probe cover ejection and detection
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Operate temperature: +5°C-+40°C


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