Wall-mounted Veterinary LED Operating Lamp


  • Illumination Lx: 80000 ≥ Ec ≥ 50000
  • Color Temperature: 6700 ≥ Tc ≥ 3000
  • Diameter of spot: d10 110±20mm
  • Depth of light beam: ≥500mm
  • Brightness adjustment: CPU light-dimmer
  • The value of the total irradiance: <6mW/m2lx
  • Total irradiance (temperature rise): ≤100W/m2
  • Color rendering index: 100>Ra>85
  • Power supply (AC): 220V±20% 50Hz, input power (VA):≤100VA



Imported LED cold light source. Help the operating doctor to have a clear view, avoid fatigue in eyes that have long worked. Pure DC power supply, illuminate in 360 degrees. Service life of lamp is 35,000hrs, no mercury pollution or radiation pollution.


  • light head can easily be rotated and pivoted
  • true-to-position, low-friction cardan joint allows a comfortable positioning of the lamp
  • ergonomic weight balancing provides optimal mobility at highest stability
  • excellent hygienic characteristics through seamlessly covered design
  • adjustable light intensity by four step dimming function


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