Veterinary Pulse Oximeter


  • SpO2 /Pulse Rate /Hanging Strap With mainstream ETCO2


  • 2.8 inch large-sized colourful screen, bright, easy to read LCD displays indicate SpO2, and pulse rate measurements, plethysmogram and trend table;
  • Small and light, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand;
  • Screen rotation provides upright display for vertical or horizontal monitoring position;
  • Perfusion index indicates arterial pulse signal strength;
  • Two measuring modes:
    • Spot-check mode: measure data intermittently;
    • Monitor mode: measure and store data continuously;
  • Quick, reliable and accurate readings on SPO2 and Pulse rate;
  • Data storage for up to 999 different animals;
  • Visual and audible alarm signals;
  • Adjustable volume (including silence) “beep” sounds with each pulse beat;
  • Expanded heart rate values and veterinary specific SpO2 sensors to accommodate a variety of species;
  • Patient information management. Patient’s information such as ID, Sex, Type can be edited;
  • USB interface,. Data cna be transferred to PC for storage, review and analysis;
  • Low power consumption, long operation time (more than 20 hours);
  • Automatically turn off when not using;
  • Uses 4 standard AA alkaline or Ni-MH Batteries;
  • Low battery Alarm. Low battery icon flashes when about 15 minutes of battery use remains;
  • 4 display modes: Big Display Mode, Waveform Display Mode, Trend-table Display Mode, Horizontal Display Mode;
  • Multi-languages: English, German, Spain, Chinese and customised language.
  • AC power jack. An optional to connect to AC power supply;


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