Veterinary Ophthalmoscope


  • Lighting forms: large spot, small spot, no red piece
  • Diopter compensation: 0 ± 1 ± 2 ± 3 ± 4 ± 5 ± 6 ± 8 ± 10 ± 12 ± 16 ± 20 -25 -30 (D)
  • Power: 1.5V X 2 “C” size batteries
  • Lamp: 2.5V/0.3A


Veterinary Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set
Small Animals, Large Animals, Ear, Eye Set

An Otoscope (auriscope) is used for examination of the ear canal and eardrum. An examination can help detect many ear problems, such as ear infections, excessive earwax, or an object in the ear canal. The LED bright light lit examination area, with no reflections. Speculas can reach deep hard to reach areas while 4X Magnification helps detailed viewing.

An ophthalmoscope is used to examine eye’s interior structure, including the retina. Ophthalmoscope combines a light source with built-in mirrors and lenses to examine the interior structures of the eye. An ophthalmoscope is particularly useful for examining the structures of the retina and the light-sensitive area at the back of the eye responsible for processing images.

Focusing ranges from -25 to +25 and can be adjusted with the adjustable wheel.

Kit Includes:

  • Otoscope
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • 4mm Long Speculum
  • 5mm Long Speculum
  • 7mm Long Speculum
  • Pouch


  • Small Animals
  • Large Animals
  • Vet Clinics
  • Vet Students


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