Veterinary Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument Set

Detailed list please refer to our catalog. The price includes the sterilization box.


Kit Includes

  • Stainless Steel Box with Silicon Inserts
  • Halstead Mosquito – Curved 12.5cm
  • Halstead Mosquito – Straight 12.5cm
  • Scapel Handle No., 3
  • Castroviejo Needle Holders – 14cm
  • Iris Scissors – Straight 11cm
  • Graefe Speculum – 6cm
  • Castroviejo Corneal Scissors – 10cm
  • Roberts Trying Forceps – 9cm
  • Graefe Iris Forceps – 1/2 teeth Straight 10cm
  • Graefe Iris Forceps – Serrated Curved 10cm


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