Veterinary General Surgical Instrument Set

  • 1 Soft Tissue Surgical Instruments Kit A
  • 3 Mayo Safety Pin
  • 3 Crile Artery Forceps Str (Length 160/140mm)
  • 2 Crile Artery Forceps Cvd (Length 160/140mm)
  • 4 Allis Tissue Forceps 4/5 Teeth
  • 1 Bckhus Towel Forceps (Length 125/100mm)
  • 1 Dressing Scissor
  • 1 Metzenbaum Supercut 140mm TC.Str
  • 1 Metzenbaum Supercut 140mmTC.Cof
  • 1 Mayo Hegar T.C Jaws (Length160/140mm)
  • 1 Adson Serrated dissecting forceps 125mm
  • 1 Adson dissecting forceps1/2 teeth 125mm


Peritoneum Hook

Peritoneum Hook is the best selling item in our lineup. We have been distributing more than any others. Many users said, “This is definitely convenient.” That’s why this is the most papular. You can hang peritoneum with a pair of Peritoneum Hooks when cutting a white line in contraceptive surgery, supporting with a finger through the ring of top.

How do you usually lift up peritoneum? With hemostatic forceps?, With tissue forceps? If you use Peritoneum Hooks, it’s able to hang it easily with the sharp tip. Would you like to try this? In Japan, many users of this item have bought one or two more pairs additionally. I hope you would like to use them.

Tartar Removal Forceps

Tartar Removal Forceps are also one of the highly recommended items. Have you treated tartar with old hemostatic forceps, extracting forceps, or old needle holders? If so, you should know about our Tartar Removal Forceps. You can remove tartar more efficiently than ever if breaking thick tartar with this item before scaling. Like Peritoneum Hook, many users of this item have bought one first and then one more. I asked them why they bought two though they could have chosen the other similar forceps. “It was so useful and easy to handle it.” they said. So I hope there are many prospective users of our Tartar Removal Forceps in the world too. Would you like to try this one?

Baby-Balfour Retractor middle size

Have you ever felt that Balfour Retractor wasn’t useless in abdominal surgery of medium-sized dogs? When you were diverting it from medical use, you could feel that it was too big to open in abdominal surgery of medium-sized dogs. Though Baby-Balfour Retractor is helpful for abdominal surgery of small-sized dogs, there isn’t suitable Balfour Retractor for medium-sized dogs. In fact, we had been inquired about this matter and asked to develop a retractor of the appropriate size for medium-sized dogs.

To respond those requests of customers, we produced Baby-Balfour Retractor middle size. As far as I know, there should be no Balfour Retractors of this size in the world market. So when promoting Baby-Balfour Retracor middle size, we always appeal to our customers, “Only ShinMedico produce this in the world.”

Sunspot Fecal Removal Spoon

Sunspot Fecal Removal Spoon was designed for severe constipation that cannot be treated with medical therapy or enema.

Before using this device, you should inject a large amount of saline or enema under general anesthesia. Then break the stools into pieces by the spoon and remove them little by little while checking intestinal wall with another hand not to damage the intestines. All chamfering of the item has been done in order to prevent from the accident.

TC Tamukai Molar Cutter

TC Tamukai Molar Cutter was developed, referring to Dr. Tamukai’s idea. Before this cutter was developed, there had not been proper items to cut molar of small rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas in Japan. At such time, Dr. Tamukai asked us to develop a small molar cutter not to obstruct the visual field when cutting molar of them. After the cutter was completed, problems of Dr. Tamkai and many doctors in cutting molar of small exotic animals have been solved.

Moreover, we are the support member of The Japanese Society of Exotic Animal Medicine. Most doctors of JSEAM use TC Tamukai Molar Cutter. They have often requested us to develop utensils for exotic animals. We have developed many custom-made instruments for exotic animals in addition to TC Tamukai Molar cutter.


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