Table Top Pulse Oximeter

Table Top Pulse Oximeter

  • Hinge finger probe or rubber finger probe and ear sensors for adult, pediatric and infant use. The connection of the probes to the main unit must have locking mechanism. 
  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2): 70 to 99% with the minimum graduation of 1%.
  • Pulse rate in beats per (bpm). Pulse rate range at least 30 to 240 bpm, with minimum graduation of 1 bpm.
  • Pulse waveform or indicator that illustrates the strength of pulse being detected.
  • SpO2 limit alarm activation settings 
  • Pulse rate limit alarm activation settings 
  • Alarm sound level adjustment and alarm override and temporary silence control.
  • Accuracy of SpO2 measurement: ± 3%
  • Accuracy of pulse rate measurement: ± 5 bpm



A tabletop pulse oximeter for spot checking, continuous, noninvasive monitoring or recording of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (%SpO2), pulse rate and pulse strength. It may be used in the hospital, clinical environment, homecare, and during emergency land transportation. The oximeter works with given sensors providing SpO2 and pulse rate on all patients from neonatal to adult.

A pulse oximeter is a device that is usually placed on a fingertip. It uses light beams to estimate the oxygen saturation of the blood and the pulse rate. Oxygen saturation gives information about the amount of oxygen carried in the blood.



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