Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner


  • Gray: 256
  • Display mode: B, 2B, A, total 3 kinds.
  • B mode and A mode gain range: 27 ~ 90dB
  • Near field gain: -31 ~ 0dB;
  • Far Field Gain: 0 ~ 31dB;
  • Dynamic range: 27~90dB
    3 kinds of depth range, 126,163,200, the maximum display depth of 200mm
  • Compression curve adjustment: 4 kinds, from 0 to 3;
  • Frequency: 2.5M, 3.5M;
  • Frame correlation: 0 ~ 5,6 kinds;



A portable ultrasound scanner with exchangeable mechanical probes designed to carry out medical imaging of sheep, goats, pigs and cattle in the range of procreation. Designed widely for diagnosing of pregnancy, fertility and disease on bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine, llama and other animals.

Primary Functions

  • System preset function;
  • Mode conversion function;
  • Adjustment of near field, far field, total gain and dynamic range;
  • Frequency conversion function;
  • Frame correlation function;
  • Compress curve adjustment function;
  • Color display function;
  • Depth range selection function;
  • Image freeze/unfreeze function;
  • Measurement of backfat thickness, loin thickness and lean percentage;
  • Image storage function;
  • Energy saving;
  • Chinese-English switch function.


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