Portable Veterinary Monitor


  • 4.3 inch high resolution touchscreen display up to 2 waveforms; Lightweight, ergonomic design with built-in transportation handle; Standard features included 3/5 lead ECG, Dual Temps, CO2, SpO2, NIBP, Respiration; Extensive data storage for alarms, events, NIBP, measurement and up to 48hrs trend storage and 25 minutes review



This monitor is a new generation of transport monitor. It adopts PC/ABS high-strength project plastics, high-reliability operation system and high-brightness scratch- prevention LCD. It is equipped with specialized first-aid monitor bag with fitting management pack and first-aid device collection pack for multi-carry. The entire machine is portable, solid, reliable, sable, waterproof, fireproof and anti-falling. It can also be displayed clearly under strong sunshine in the field. And it can be used under various kinds of severe environment to meet demand of medical users such as troops and hospitals.


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