Portable Mechanical Ventilator


  • 1) Screen monitor size must be at least 28cm
  • 2) With medical air and oxygen gas inlet connection
  • 3) With built-in air and oxygen mixer
  • 4) With built in medical air compressor/turbine, (a) With maximum output of 160 liter per minute, (b) The medical grade air produced must be oil free, (c) Automatically activates in the event of air supply loss, (d) Replacement of internal filters must be performed without removing the compressor
  • 5) With replaceable gas intake particle filter and pre-circuit bacteria filter
  • 6) Humidifier (a) Heat control range: 31-40 °C
    a) Ventilator Mode Selector, (i) Pressure Supported Ventilation (PSV), (ii) Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV), (iii) Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV)


This ventilator is an electrically controlled pneumatic ventilator integrating such functions as time, volume cycling, pressure limit, etc. It provides an alternation in the case of irreversible lesions in respiratory muscles or irreversible damage to the upper airway to maintain the respiratory function of the patient. It also provides ventilation assistance for the patient during the recovery from a disease or operation.





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