Pet Display Cage

  • Stainless steel, size: 2440*700*2180mm,
  • Four separate cages at each layer.



  • The cage structure is reasonable, super-strong and durable
  • Unique sliding design of door lock, automatic looking, good safety.
  • High frequency and high current welding of pedal grids and cage doors, strong and non-detachable.
  • Full rounded design of contaminaation plate, no dead corner, easy to wash.
  • Built-in seamless water retaining edge makes it more convenient and sanity to use.
  • The lower cage movable pull-out board design, pull-out board can be changed into a large cage.
  • Bottom moving brake wheel, quiet, wear-resistant, easy to shift and fix.
  • Innovation cage design, exquisite and chic. Random combination, can be customized on demand.



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