MNCHIP Dry Type Biochemistry Analyzer


  • Sample type: Whole blood, Plasma, Serum; Time to results: About 10 mins; Parameters: Up to 17 parameters in one test, 32 parameters configured into 9 profiles



Smallest ever (2.2kg) yet powerful enough, delivers reliable diagnostics information, the intelligent innovation refining and accurate medical experience to healthcare professionals. From sample to complete results in 3 simple steps in approximately 7 minutes.

Precise Measurements:

  • Microfluidic discs with pre-installed reagent beads ensure accurate analysis of blood samples and reagents.
  • Stable measurement optics include a troboscopic xenon lamp, a wavelength selection system, and a multiple-wavelength detector.
  • Integrated quality control software monitors the entire process in real time (ensuring consistent analysis of blood samples, reagents, microfluidic discs and chemistry analyzer).


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