Medical Safety Goggles

  • Fits over Prescription Frames up to 140 mm
  • Molded Brow Guard
  • Traditional looking safety glasses offering outstanding vision protection
  • Reinforced sideshields provide high-impact lateral protection
  • 99.9% UV Protective



It is used in medical institutions to prevent body fluids, blood splashes or splashes during examination and treatment.


  • Surface anti fog, impact resistant, anti splash, light, high light penetration
  • Design Ergonomic for watch out the nose, without increasing the loaded nose, more comfortable
  • Adjustable Valve’s design design on both sides, can be Breathable anytime to prevent the influence from the area’s mist
  • Done matter less polymer for effectively prevent the impact from the foreign matter and splash liquid
  • The target is made from polycarbonate high quality’s, high light transmission and high clarity suitable for a correct view and easy to adjust the head band, suitable for foremost type sizes good header.


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