Low Speed Bench-Top Centrifuge


  • Max Speed(r/min): 4000
  • Maximum Centrifugal Force: 1790xg
  • Rotor Configuration: 6×1.5/0.5/0.2 ml 2×8×0.2 ml



The low-speed centrifuge is widely used for separating lab solutions and particles. Popular in places like hospital blood banks and blood processing centres, it is ideal for analyzing biological samples. The low-speed centrifuge is adaptable to various rotor configurations such as a winging bucket. The structure design of the low-speed centrifuge is reasonable, which effectively eliminates the sanitary dead angle. The transition of the structural parts is smooth, and the surface is polished. The external structural parts, fasteners, and drums are made of stainless steel. The digital display on it shows the centrifuging time, rotation speed, and centrifugal force.



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