LED Operation lamp


  • LED, Illumination Intensity (lx): 30000 – 130000, adjustable


Real cold light source

  • Adopt new type LED cold light source, energy saving and environmental protection and ultra long service life up to more than 80,000 hours. The doctor’s head warmed up <1 ° C.
  • LED does not produce infrared and ultraviolet radiation, halogen-free shadowless lamps cause temperature rise and tissue damage to the wound surface, accelerate postoperative wound healing, and there is no radiation pollution.
  • LED color temperature is constant, color temperature color is not attenuated, soft and not dazzling, very close to natural sun light.

Excellent shadowless effect

  • The lamp head adopts the most scientific arc, built-in six partitions, mold, multi-point light source design, flexible spot adjustment, making the spot illumination more uniform, when the surgical lamp is partially blocked, it can also achieve a perfect shadowless effect.
  • The radius of rotation of the lamp panel: ≥182cm, the lamp head can be pulled down to the vertical ground, which is convenient for lighting at various angles.

Excellent depth lighting

  • Adopt computer-aided modular design, multiple LED light beams focus on illumination, which produces deep illumination of light beams of more than 1200 mm, the central illuminance is up to 150000lnx, and provides 3700K-5000K adjustable temperature close to natural sunlight, which truly reflects the color of human tissue , Fully meet the needs of various types of surgical lighting.

Advanced control system

  • Adopts liquid crystal display button control, which can adjust power switch, illuminance, color temperature, etc., to meet the requirements of medical staff on the brightness of different patients.
  • Digital memory function, automatic memory suitable lighting, no need to debug when turning on again.
  • Multiple sets of multi-channel centralized control methods with the same power, to ensure that the damage of a single LED does not affect the surgical lighting requirements.

Universal suspension system

  • The rotating arm is made of new alloy material and made into an octagonal shape.
  • The balance system adopts imported arm spring components. The structure is light and handy, easy to control, accurate positioning, and can provide the largest adjustment range.
  • Equipped with fatigue correction device and positioning feel adjustment device, which is convenient for positioning adjustment after regular use.

Modern laminar lamp holder

  • Round ultra-thin design, the thickest part does not exceed 10cm, can obtain excellent laminar flow effect.
  • The lampshade shell is made of imported aluminum, the central handle of the lamp head is removable, and it is resistant to high temperature and high pressure sterilization at 134 ℃, which is convenient for adjustment and flexible positioning.
  • Optional wireless control foot switch.


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