House Pet Incubator


  • Power: ≤400VA;
  • Temperature control range: Cabinet 15℃~38℃;
  • Average Temperature of Monitoring chamber: ≤1.0℃’ Cabinet temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.5℃;
  • Temperature rise time: 5min~20min


  • Improved Humidification System.
    UC-1805 have a built-in humidifier and an external humidifier which have 5.5L capacity to ensure enough humidity(The external humidifier could help the humidity to reach 80% at 38 Celsius degrees).
To use the humidifier,
  • Step 1: Press power button of external humidifier, external humidifier will start to work
  • Step 2: Set the needed humidity on ICU operating panel, build-in nebulizer will start to work
    The external humidifier will work together with the build-in humidifier, when compartment’s humidity reach setting humidity, two humidifiers will stop work.
  • Improved Nebulization System
    UC-1805 have an external humidifier and double air compressor installed in the nebulization system, to ensure a more secured working stability. Even one line get kinked during operation, the other compressor will still provide enough air stream to complete the needed operation.
  • Oxygen Concentration Monitoring System—To better monitoring of pet vital signs, build a defense Line to safe guard patients’ lives.
  • The visible system—provide easier maintenance access.
  • Accurate Temperature Control—Eliminates hot spots and provides overall consistent temperature throughout.
  • Accurate Humidity Control— Provides a healthy and balanced environment.
  • Negative-ion Generation—Augments the Medical Effects of the ICU.
  • Sterilization Function—Greatly diminishes the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Nebulization/Medical Atomization Treatment Function—Making it more convenient to administer full strength medicine.
  • ICU Illumination Function—Creating a comfortable therapeutic environment.
  • Setting of Security Mechanism—No worries in use.


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