HD Veterinary Video Endoscope

  • Video Endoscope Specification
  • Working Length: 1500mm/3000mm
  • Diameter of Distal-End: 9.8mm
  • Diameter of Instrument Channel: 2.8mm
  • Depth of Field: 3-100mm
  • View of Field: 140°
  • Range of Bending: Up 210°, Down 90°, Left 100°, Right 100°
  • Function: 1. 3.5-inch Monitor with 8GB SD Card 2. (Freeze Button Trolley is optional)



The video endoscopes provide the perfect solution for video bronchoscopy and gastroscopy in small dogs and cats.


Use a gastroscope to examine the animal’s trachea and esophagus for foreign bodies, or use a gastroscope to evaluate the animal’s sensitivity to food.Excision of mucosal biopsy, inspection by means of staining and microscopy, removal of benign tumors, removal of stones, lithotripsy and other operations under the endoscope.

There are many types of animal endoscopes. For example, 5mm laparoscopy is generally used for small animals. For larger animals, 10mm can be used. The specifications of instruments will also change according to the size of the animal. ENT endoscope, cystoscopes, arthroscopes, etc., also have corresponding specifications according to the animal’s body type, such as 2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, etc. Veterinarians can purchase corresponding products from Shiyin Medical according to their own needs.

  • Complete variety
  • Good material and durable
  • Most instruments are detachable for thoroughly clean and disinfect
  • Customizable

In the digital system, the medical display is the ultimate presenter of medical images. It carries the replacement film, guarantees the image quality, and finally realizes the doctor’s “soft reading film” to observe and diagnose the patient. During surgery, it should be used with camera and cold light source. As the manufacturer, we can provide different sizes medical monitor and more professional service.

  • Compliance with operating room sterilization and anti-interference requirements
  • Smooth and dynamic images, with remarkable clarity and without any ghosting or shaking
  • Multiple interface types, strong universality, fully meeting the demands of a variety of brands and equipment
  • Excellent Layering, bright and permeable screen
  • Various sizes: 15″, 21″, 24″, 27″, 32″, 43″(4K)

Cold light source is one of the necessities of endoscopic surgery, and portable LED cold light source, is a perfect match for portable hd endoscope camera system. This portable light source uses a lithium battery, which is rechargeable and equipped with a charger, so it can be used for a long time. In addition, because the usb camera is portable, with this portable light source, the veterinarian can take it for medical visits and use it to connect to a computer, which is very convenient.

  • Enhanced mobility, two levels of brightness, ease-of-use
  • Long working life, and quick-change battery
  • Perfect color temperature 5000K to 6500K

The endoscopy pump is one of the important equipment in animals laparoscopic surgery, mainly used for cleaning of laparoscopic surgery, sucking out waste liquid and tissue debris. The flushing pump independently developed and produced by Shiyin Medical has simple operation, complete accessories, and is safe and reliable.

  • Irrigation and suction alternately
  • Large flow
  • Adjustable irrigate and suction pressure accordingly
  • Reflux prevention to prevent the effluent into the pump

High-frequency electrosurgical unit is one of the equipment of laparoscopic surgery. The current high-frequency electrosurgical unit has been improved many times, and the safety and reliability of the equipment itself have been greatly improved. This high-frequency electrosurgical unit provided by Shiyin Medical is mainly used for cutting and hemostasis during animals laparoscopic surgery. It stops bleeding quickly. It can prevent bacterial infections and is beneficial to animals’ healing after surgery.

  • Fast cutting speed
  • Good hemostatic effect
  • With hand control and foot control function

The main function of the HD video recorder is to record and save the operation video. It is a product developed and produced by us according to the needs of users. It is suitable for all departments. The video recorder has large video storage capacity, HDMI, BNC multiple input ports, high video quality, and the recorded video can be used for internal learning and communication in the hospital.

  • High-quality HD recorder helps to show the surgery process actually.
  • Can connect with any endoscope camera system.
  • Imported aluminum & independent protective device of power.
  • Can record HD&SD videos. (HDMI & BNC signal)


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