ENT Diagnostic Set


  • A) Materials: Stainless Steel with case
  • B) Inclusions:
  • 1) Otoscope, with at least two levels of magnification
  • 2) Ophthalmoscope, with different levels of magnification
  • 3) Stainless steel battery handle with brightness control
  • 4) Nasal speculum
  • 5) Bent arm throat lamp Muminated tongue depressor Standard post-nasal mirror diameter Standard laryngeal mirror diameter



An EENT diagnostic set consists of different EENT tools that are used in the examination of the ears, nose and throat. These tools are great help for finding out the exact condition of patient’s nose, ears and throat. The EENT diagnostic set, doctor needs in performing medical procedures to the patients. For instance, the tools are useful in locating foreign particles in the nose, throat and the ears. The different tools in the EENT diagnostic set have their own purposes. This set is great help to doctor for proper examination of the patients’ condition. Our company offers great EENT diagnostic set with the economical price using the best material. It is a professional electronic ear speculum, which is suitable for the examination of the eye, ear, nose and throat department, hearing aid store and the examination of your own ear canal and eardrum.



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