Ear Muffs Class 5 Hearing Protection

Ear Muffs Class 5 Hearing Protection Specifications:

  • 1) 26 decibels noise reduction rating
  • 2) Low profile design
  • 3) Soft foam ear cups
  • 4) Adjustable to fit all sizes
  • 5) Foldaway padded headband


Under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1270:2002, the standard rates hearing protection into five classes, with Class 1 being the lowest level of protection and Class 5 being the highest level. Buy from our range of hearing protection, including class 5 earmuffs.


Soft foam ear cushions for everyday comfort. These ear muffs can be worn with hard hats or seated behind the head, great secure fit. It used to protect the ears from the damages which can happen working under noisy environment. Class 5 earmuffs are great performance headband earmuffs and provide maximum protection. Class 5 earmuffs are lightweight and easily adjustable, provides excellent ear protection with their unique headband design and protect the ear when used for a longer time.


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