Digital X Ray Machine YSDR-VET200


  • Power: 20kW (can take clear images for the body no more than 35cm thickness)
  • Power supply: Single-phase 220V 50/60HZ (wire diameter>4mm², internal resistance<0.5Ω)
  • mA: 10~320 mA
  • mAS: 1~320Mas, stepping by R’10
  • KV: 40~125kV, stepping by 1kV
  • Exposure time: 0.003~6.3S adjustment: Increased /reduced by 1mS each time
  • X-ray tube: Chinese brands Mingwei M7110 are available or Toshiba tube for options .0.6-1.2mm double focus
  • Anode rotating speed/Anode heat capacity: 2800prm/140kHU
  • Generator frequency: 400kHz
  • Radiography table (W*L cm): Width: 70cm, length: 140/120cm


Power 20kW (can take clear images for the body no more than 35cm thickness ) 32kW (can take clear images for the body no more than 50cm thickness )
Power supply Single-phase
220V 50/60HZ
(wire diameter>4mm², internal resistance<0.5Ω)
mA 10~320 mA 10~400 mA
mAS 1~320Mas, stepping by R’10 1~400mAS, stepping by R’10
KV 40~125kV, stepping by 1kV
Exposure time 0.003~6.3S adjustment: Increased
/reduced by 1mS each time
X-ray tube Toshiba 7239/7242, Toshiba 7239/7242, or Chinese brands are available for options
Anode rotating speed/Anode heat capacity 2800prm/140kHU
Generator frequency 400kHz
Radiography table(W*L cm) Width: 70cm, length: 140/120cm (either)
urinary trough can be equipped with
Flat panel detector Imaging area 17*17 inches (or 14*17 inches)
Pixel size 140um
A/D conversion 16bits
Spatial resolution 3.6lp/mm
Software Professional veterinary software
Computer configuration Intel i5 processor; 8G memory, 2G discrete graphics card, 128G solid state drive + 1TB mechanical hard drive, PCI-E and Ethernet dual Gigabit network cable interface, R232 interface; 22.5-inch Dell professional small dot pitch monitor; operating system: win10

Customizable Options
1. The table length can be 1.2 m or 1.4 m;
2. The urinary trough of the table is optional according to needs
3. The 4 corners of the table is optional(angle R5-50)
4. The logo of the table can be customized with stainless steel stickers or screen printing; the stickers can be beautified and pasted by customers themselves.
5. Movable casters are optional;
6. X-ray tube is optional (imported or Chinese brands);
7. Flat panel detector is optional (multi-brands)

Installation Instructions
1.X-ray room: 20m2 room is recommended.
2. Lead glass size recommended: 40*60cm or 60*80 cm
3. X-ray protection preparation: use barium sulfate powder or lead sheet for the wall of the room, and lead sheet for the ceiling;
4. A fan must be installed on the top to facilitate the discharge of ionized air
5. All surfaces of the x-ray room that people can reach need to be covered with lead sheet or barium sulfate powder. If it is the first floor, the ground does not need to be covered; if it is the top floor and will not polluted the environment, lead protection is not required.


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