Dental Machine

  • Pre-filter: The large size pad filter can filter large particles of dust;
  • Middle filter: It filters the bigger powders for prolonging the main filter’s life;
  • Main filter: It includes HEPA(high effeciency) filter and gas filter.


Orbcare Veterinary Dental Unit

Orbcare veterinary dental unit provides a variety of functions for veterinarians, such as grinding, polishing, cutting and cleaning, and makes daily animal oral health work easy and efficient.

Dental unit can…

  • Effectively shorten the treatment time to reduce work pressure and alleviate occupational diseases.
  • Shorten the treatment time to reduce the risk of anesthesia.
  • Reduce the damage to the alveolar bone and oral mucosa caused by the violent extraction of teeth only
    with surgical instruments, and reduce the risk of residual roots.
  • Provide more flexible dental treatment programs.


  • Water and electricity separation design to ensure the safety of the equipment.
  • 360 ° handpiece, light in weight, reduces hand fatigue effectively.
  • High-speed LED handpiece provides bright operative vision.
  • High quality oil-free air compressor to avoid the trouble of daily maintenance.
  • 20L large capacity air tank ensures pressure balance and long-term supply, and reduces the frequency of air charging.
  • Automatically drain pollution or water from the air tank, greatly reduces the trouble of daily maintenance for veterinary, reduces the risk of rust, and prolong the lifespan.
  • Magnetic holder to prevent fine dental tools accidental loss.
  • The whole machine weighs only 46kg, flexible movement with super smooth casters.


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