Ceiling Operating Lamp


  • Illumination:  ≥60,000LX
  • Color temperature:  4000K±500K
  • Power Supply:  AC220V±10% 50Hz
  • Bulb voltage:  AC24V
  • Bulb power:  125w
  • Input power:  150VA
  • Height for installation:  280-320cm


Operating Lamp adopts light sources from different positions for focus, providing illumination for surgical operations and medical examination and reducing shadows produced by different pars of medical workers. Illumination can be adjusted according to practical requirements. The lamp is fit for lighting for surgical operations and medical examination in hospitals. Equip with professional built-in balancer, make it stable and reliable. Streamline outline has low coefficient of air damping, can be used to in demanding purification operation room. Suitable illuminance and color temperature, supply premier optical performance. This product is made of premier aluminum-alloy material, the positioning of the lamp head is easier and flexible. The electrical system are separate, which increase the reliability of this lamp


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