Binocular Microscope with LCD Phenix PH50-PB9


  • Optical System: Infinite Harmonic Correction Optical System
  • Objective lens: Flat field achromatic objective lens 4x,10x,40x
  • Eyepiece: High point of view, large field of view, flat field eyepiece PL10X/18MM


9inch 2MP LCD Characteristics:

1. Using Sony sensor, image color reproduction is close to the original color;
2. Support TF card camera video;
3. Supports manual automatic adjustment of image brightness, white balance, exposure andother parameters;
4. Support image digital zoom, zoom out adjustment;
5. 9 inch LCD screen maximum resolution 1024*600;
6. Mouse control for easy use;
7. Simultaneous HD output with on-screen display and USB2.0 PC;
8. LCD screen size: 148.25mm*224.60mm*11.2mm;
Technical Parameters:
1. Sensor: 1/3 inch
2. Pixel: 30fps@1920*1080
3. Pixel size: 2.75*2.75Ŧm
4. Signal to noise ratio: 65DB
5. Features: LCD display and USB2.0 synchronous output, provide picture time saving, support 16sets of crosshairs.


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