Poultry Equipments

Sustainable and Efficient Poultry Equipments

Automatic H Frame Layer Cage

The wire is  235 type wire, with high carbon content, good elasticity, and the elongation does not exceed 30. The thinnest wire can be drawn to 1.20-1.80mm, but ordinary wire does not meet this standard. The

finished product processed by this material has the advantages of good elasticity, not easy to deform, and long service life.

Modern hot-dip galvanizing production line, top production efficiency and quality in the industry.

Automatic Egg Conveying System

Egg conveying is specially designed for large farm, which can convey eggs for 1km, the EU standard conveying system can guarantee sustainable and stable performance of the whole system.

Automatic A Frame Cage

  1. Electro Galvanize: surface smooth, bright, zinc coating 20-30g/m2, in the humid environment, it is easy to get service life :8-10years. the cost is low, even after rust, it does not affect the use. peo- ple like because it is low cost, and effcient usage.
  2. Hot galvanized: surface thickness can reach 500g/m2, it has the corrossion resistance of high strength. Surface have zinc knot, not smooth, service life: 25 years or even longer)
  3. PVC powder after electric galvanized: 1. surface smooth, bright , color can choose, red, yellow,

blue, green, black, white. because two layers of surface treatment, antitrust ability enhancement, it is

not easy to rust, service life 20 years. moderate price and cost efficient for middle size farm)

  1. Both the cage meshes and cage leg support frames materials are the Q235A steel which ensure the cage meshes give enough elasticity to the layer birds and make the chicken feel good for laying eggs 5.Feed troughs: made of PVC ones(100% new material) or the 0-

1.20mm thick hot galvanized steel sheets with round edge for convenient cleaning, solid and durable design.

Automatic H Frame Broiler Cage

Cage mesh Material galvanized coat content reach 275g㎡, GALFAN wires (5%AL 95%zinc) life span is up to 20 years.

Transverse and longitudinal connected structure is sound and relia- ble as well as simple and highly efficient, ensuring the stability of cage body without collapse.

The overall inner pushing type of big net gate are adopted, providing alternatives and facilitating manual operation.

It adopts the integrated sealing injection pad, which is soft and no pullet drop.

C shape leg is formed of hot galvanized sheet ,it is firm and easy to clean.

The distance between adjacent legs is 1206mm,so that it make frame firm and strong.

V-shape bottom ensure the feed distributed uniformly and the chicken can eat up completely ,no feed waste .

Plug-in connecting structure make trough solid \smooth and precision, meanwhile the cage frame is more reliable  

Sliding cart is easy and convenient to operate.

Electrical cart can be chosen to use in the aisle

Orbacare integrate top quality full set top quality broiler feeding, drinking, environmental controlled equipment to our client at competitive price.

Full Set Automatic Feeding and Drinking System for Poultry Farm


Full Set Environmental Controlled Equipment For Poultry house

Axial-flow fan with centrifugal system 

  • Centrifugal system can open the shutter automatically with power on.Smooth operation, low noise and consistent air flow. When power is off, shutters close under the action of gravity and spring. Shutter pieces close tightly with good sealing effect.


Butterfly cone fan

  • Butterfly opening designed make wind resistance minimize and best performance.
  • Belt tensioner improve transmission efficiency, with longer life.
  • High quality hot galvanized frame
  • 3-phase energy efficient motor,3C Certi- fication, safe and reliable


Air inlets could be opened at three angels to make ventilation uniformly.

  • Made with specially chosen highly quali- tated PS project plastics, solid and durable, anti-aging and anti-UV
  • Structure of the upper edges of the win- dows with air tight design, closer after clos- ing, this design could help your poultry house isolate from outside
  • Wind air directing board situated in both sides of the windows, effectively preventing the wind from blowing down, letting fresh air flush into the center of the birdhouse, spreading it evenly, ideal effect for air ex- changing

  • Pan diameter: 33
  • Pan material: 100% virgin PE material with anti-UV additive.
  • Feed capacity: 55 birds/pan.
  • Pan bottom can be used as starter pan.




  • Pan diameter: 310mm*225mm
  • Features: 6 levels for 65 chickens, adjustable
  • Feed regulator can adjust the feed amount to meet the needs of broiler .
  • The fixed edges of the pans increase feed efficiency.


  • Pan diameter: 330mm
  • Features: 6 levels for 65 chickens, adjustable
  • Feed regulator can adjust the feed amount to meet the needs of broiler  


  • Feed tower consists of main body of feed bin, clamshell, crawling ladder, stand column, etc.
  • 275g/m2 double side hot galvanized plate is for main body of feed tower; perspective hole is set in hypocone for checking the feed level of feed bin. Feed tower volumes
  • The nipple shell is made of high-quality engineering plastics, and the valve rod in- side is made of high-quality stainless steel. All these features make it anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and more than ten year’s lon- gevity.
  • Stem can rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demands of different peri-275g/m2 double side hot galvanized plate is for main body of feed tower; perspective hole is set in hypocone for checking the feed level of feed bin. Feed tower volumes side is made of high-quality stainless steel. All these features make it anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and more than ten year’s lon- gevity.
  • Double-decked seal structure can effec- tively avoid wasting water and the resulting impact on the environment humidity.

Cone valve nipple 

1.The valve body uses 303 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, aging, stability, long-term use 2.The top rod adopts 304 stainless steel, corrosion, and aging.

3.The outer casing uses the project POM, the stability is good, and it can be used for more than ten years.

Ball valve nipple water dispenser

  1. The valve body uses 303 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, aging, stability, long-term use for a long time.
  2. Steel ball is used in 304 stainless steel, high hardness, and steel ball precision error is less than 0.2 microns.
  3. The top rod uses 304 stainless steel, corrosion, and aging.
  4. The outer casing, the back cover, the nipple holder uses the engineering ABS, the stabil- ity is good, can be used normally more than ten years.
  5. According to the water treatment of various chickens, the corresponding water dis-penser is produced. For example: chicks are moving out of water (can be easily drinkable after breaking); the egg hooks do not move out of water (the hill house is like a slight touch of the feathers, no water, youth chicken can drink normally).









Disc type water regulator:

  • Working pressure: 0.1-4mpa
  • When the water pressure is 0.1MPa, the water output 25kg / min. Under the recoil state water output 40kg / min
  • The display height of water level pipe is 500mm

Characteristics of water regulator:

  1. The utility model has the advantages of simple and convenient use, fast and stable water pressure adjust- ment and large adjustment range (adjustment range 0-4mpa), and can be applied to a chicken house with a length of 160m.
  1. The double water outlet can be easily inserted into the drinking water pipe with diameters of 25mm, 26.6, 32mm and square pipe 22x22 for normal use.
  2. The recoil device is connected by a large-diameter union ball valve, which is simple and convenient to use. After opening, the water output is large, and the sundries in the drinking water pipe can be complete- ly washed.
  3. The water level display tube is made of imported PU material. The water level is clear. The outer sleeve of the display tube is 2.5mm. The stainless steel spring is durable and plug-in connection. It is easy to disassemble and clean.
  4. The top of the display pipe is equipped with an au- tomatic sealing mechanism to prevent high water pressure from spraying out when flushing the drink- ing pipe


Different brands of environmental controllers can be selected ac- cording to customer requirements, and a complete set of environmental control systems can be customized.








Capacity: 128 PCS, 192 PCS, 240 pcs, 256 PCS, 294 PCS, 300 pcs, 320 PCS, 360 pcs, 480 PCS, 528 pcs, 960 PCS, 1056 PCS, 2000 PCS, 3000 PCS, 4000 PCS, 5000 PCS, 5280 PCS, 9000 pcs, 10000 PCS, 20000 PCS, 30000 PCS, 40000 pcs, 50000 pcs, 100000 PCS  


  1. Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequently
  2. Full automatically temperature controlling
  3. Full automatically humidity controlling
  4. Full automatically eggs turning
  5. Full automatically alarming
  6. Full automatically cooling and ventilator.
  7. Back emergency system.
  8. Using coal ,electricity two heating method.
  9. Hatching rate more than 98%









  • The insulation board is designed as a sandwich structure (panel + XPS board), and the insulation performance is good; the surrounding U-shaped alumi num alloy strip is wrapped, and the structure is stable and beautiful. (optional FRP/PVC panel)
  • The frame is made of 2.00mm steel PVC for 45 degree riveting, and the structure is stable; Square steel is filled with XPS insulation material, which has good heat preservation; high-grade special rubber sealing strip has good airtightness.


                                            New type plastic slat and support

Features of slat

  • new-type reinforced structure and material, made of modified and puri- fied raw plastics , high intensity and durability, anti-corrosive,UV and aging, oxidation-resistance, easy clean and installation ,long service life.
  • reasonable design of hole size can avoid the hurt of bird foot
  • slat surface , beautiful and practical Material: PP with UV-curing

Size: 1200x500mm

Weight: 2.4kg

Features of the support

  • Beam is made of reinforced and anti-aging PVC material ,sturdy and dura- ble,antirust and anticorrosion.
  • ingenious and all-plastic adjustable leg structure, which make beam and slat join together easily,sturdy and durable,anti-rust and anti- corrosive
  • Self-regulating raising and lowering functions to solve the problem of installation on the 
  • Adjustable leg height ranging from 300 to 800mm to meet different demandsuneven ground


                                         Drop Ceiling Design

                                 C/H-section Main Frame Truss

                                              Side wall design

                                    No main truss expose inside

























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